Characteristics of the current equipment


Systems that are currently being tested (or abandoned after recognizing their inability to withstand the stresses that often require the environmental conditions to which they were subjected) have common characteristics which are as follows:
  • Almost all the technologies currently being tested have their capturing elements on the sea surface.
  • In case of breakage of the mooring system, the equipment will roam erratically, with the danger that this means for navigation.
  • The linear movements of the Absorber points (buoys) and the attenuators (PELAMIS) are converted into rotary movements, by the compression that pistons make on liquid fluids which act on the blades of a Turbine that it actuates a Electrical Generator.
  • Given the low speed of the Turbine it is necessary to raise the number of them before applying them to the Electric Generator rotary, which is achieved by means of a Gear Multiplier.
  • The existing equipments are heavy and large, compact and difficult to access, in case of failure or maintenance, to the Turbine, the Multiplier Box and the Electrical Generator (which are usually confined within the capturing element), since it requires the complete extraction of the machine and its transport to earth.
  • Complicated maintenance of equipment tightness .
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