Solutions provided (Continued)

  • The Turbine, Gear Box and Rotary Generator are eliminated, being replaced by a single equipment, the Linear Generator, simplifying the control system of the Capturing Module.
  • It increases the energy efficiency of the System, as there will be no losses in the Turbine and in the Gear Box.
  • The reliability of the equipment is increased by the disappearance of those elements susceptible to damage.
  • The Capturing Modules, since they do not have to be dimensioned to house Turbine, Multiplier Box and Rotary Generator, significantly reduce their size and cost of manufacture.
  • Easy extraction of the damaged element and replacement by the spare, which greatly simplifies maintenance costs as it will not be necessary to fully remove the equipment and transport them to the mainland for repair. (The attached figure shows how the maintenance of a Oscillating Bar is performed, for which it will only be necessary to disconnect the cables that connect it to the Stator Bar, an operation that is performed on the Barge).

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