Static Chamber

The Stator Bar, whose upper and lateral views are reflected in the attached figure, is supported and anchored at the top of the Stability Chamber and contains both the Linear Generator Stator and current injection systems, the Generator and Power Electronics System for the treatment of the equipment's output current, which will be located at the top of the aforementioned Bar.
In the mentioned figure are represented:
  • Generation Zone (# 1), in which is the ferric core and the inductor coils that make up the Stator of the Linear Generator.
  • Treatment chamber (# 2) which are systems of injection current, regulation of the generator system and the power electronics system for treatment of the output current of the equipment, as well as the transformer voltage (in your case).
  • Juntion Boxes (# 3) and (# 4) for the connection of power cables, signals and data between the Stability Chamber and Stator Bar.
  • This Stator bar constitutes a chamber, totally sealed, with a degree of protection that corresponds to an IP-68, perfectly removable from its position once the oscillator has been removed and the anchorage that holds it Stability Chamber.
  • The Oscillator Bar is inserted through the hole (5) of the Stator Bar.

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