Problems of the Waves Energy

The exploitation of this type of wave energy for its conversion into electric power energy presents a series of problems which have led to the failure of many systems and preventing the discovery of one effective method both technically as economically.
These problems include, among others, the following points:
  • Permanent exposure to the very, very aggressive environmental conditions that, sooner or later, will have to endure (when a storm or an explosive cyclogenesis is present). The attached photograph shows a large buoy that appeared stranded on January 12, 2012 on the beach of La Laja, on the east coast of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • Corrosivity of the marine environment.
  • Complicated maintenance of equipment tightness.
  • Irregularity in height (Hs), period (Tp) and wave direction, make the incoming power random, making it difficult to obtain the maximum performance of a device over the entire range of excitation frequencies

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