Solutions provided

Front the the problems of electricity generation based on the energy of the sea waves, the Fahemar 2.0 System offers the following solutions;
  • In view of the risk assumed by the floating elements in the case of explosive cyclogenesis, the solution provided is, in case of forecasting one of these phenomena, partially flooding the buoy to be submerged (as shown in the attached figure) up to a height in which the effects of the waves have no effect on the equipment. Once the danger has passed, air will be injected into the Buoy, which will return to its working position.
  • To eliminate the danger of Erratic Buoys, if the Mooring Chain is broken, a safety device will jump and cause the fully flood.
  • In the event of an abnormality in the operation of the Generator, this intermediate position will be the "standby" position, eliminating complex braking and locking systems.
  • Maintenance guarantee of IP-68 degree (means that this equipment supports continuous immersion in water) of the watertightness since the Linear Generator (the Generator Bar) is formed by two totally watertight and independent Chambers.
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