Operating principle

The principle of operation of the FAHEMAR 2.0 System is the conversion of the energy present in the waves of the sea by means of a motive element (the Buoythat has a linear movement in electrical energy, directly coupling it to a current Linear Generator (Alternator), whose Oscillator (equivalent to the rotor of a rotating generator), also has a linear type movement.
The main parts of the Fahemar 2.0 spot absorber are the following:
  • Buoy (# 1) is a floodable chamber, under normal conditions, follows the profile of the wave and by the drag chain (# 6) transmits its motion to the Oscillator of Linear Generator integrated in the Generating Bar (# 3 ).
  • The Stability Chamber (# 2) is stand Generating Bar that crosses vertically according to its central axis. This Stability Chamber is fixed and permanently anchored to the seabed by means of Chains of steel (#4) tied to "dead concrete". Its height in relation to the surface of the sea is such that the movement of the wave of maximum height recorded in that area do not assume effort one at that level, nor to the Buoy, when it is in a situation of "stand-by"
(This Chamber serves as an anchor to the Cable (# 5) of energy export and transmission of signals and data with the Scada of the Central.

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